Chicks and guitars, it always works
29:22 min scene preview
scene preview
What does it mean to have a musician as your brother? Well, for our guy here, it meant quite a bit of unpleasant shit he had to go through! Watch the guy and his girlfriend come to the brother's place. He asks our dude whether he brought back the CD he had borrowed. Rushing back to their place for the damn CD, the guy has no...
The joys of jogging
29:36 min scene preview
scene preview
It's great to do a bit of working out with your girlfriend. Check out our guy here enjoying some quality jogging with his girl, not expecting anything at all. They bumped into his brother, and it was kinda lucky at first. The girlfriend had a light leg injury so the brother stayed with her while her boyfriend rushed to get the...
When you fuck, studies get easier
30:20 min scene preview
scene preview
Life is hard when you are a student. Our guy here is a college student just like his girlfriend, and his brother as well. He trusted the brother with everything and asked him to help his chick with physics. They started studying all right, he left, and when he came back, his brother was nailing his girlfriend right on the...
A shopping spree gone wrong
31:14 min scene preview
scene preview
If you ever go shopping with your brother and girlfriend, well, just don't. This guy here had just the worst of luck that day. First, he apparently had no wallet on himself. When he went home to get it, his girlfriend was already willing to get a shirt, which the brother agreed to pay for. What bastard! The brother then took...
How her pussy was at stake
23:42 min scene preview
scene preview
Never play poker with your brother and girlfriend. The stakes were going up steadily and soon our man had to rush to the ATM for more cash to lose. Well, obviously hoping to get his losses back. Anyway, while he was away, the brother offered his chick a game. He wins, he fucks her. She wins, she gets her and her guy's dough...
Those cunning hairdressers
32:18 min scene preview
scene preview
Our guy's brother here is a hairdresser. Of course he knows which buttons to press to get his women! The two came around for a visit and the mean brother had a plan right away. He sent the guy away to get his dryer repaired. Unsuspicious as a baby, he left. It's so damn obvious what was bound to happen. Imagine his surprise...


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